TTAT Complete Kit


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special Package:

Training, Designs, AND Lifetime License are ALL Included in this kit. Buy the files once and use them forever!

Buy the digital design files and print as many copies as you want, whenever you want!

Package includes Trifold Brochure Designs & Three Poster Designs


Touch, Tell, Ask, Teach (TTAT): Delivering A Doctor’s Exam That Converts Patients All Day Long!

If you’re tired of blank stares, bored looks, and hearing that they “need to go home and think about it”, then you’re in the right place.

As the founder and leader of the “patient CARE, not patient SCARE” movement, I have developed a set of powerful tools that make it SO MUCH EASIER to tell the story, share your passion, and have your patients FINALLY “get” what you do.

I am including

  • Training for How to Use This Kit TODAY with Your NEXT Patient
  • Multiple Brochure Designs for a Variety of Audiences (Fitness, Millennial, Business & Family)
  • Poster Design with Multiple Sizes and Ready for the Printer
  • Trifold Brochures Ready for the Printer
  • All with a Lifetime License! Buy the files once and use them forever!

When They Truly “Get It” You’ll Earn A Patient For Life!

When it’s time for you to conduct your doctor’s exam, how does it go? Do you feel like you have to resort to scaring them into care so they stick around? Or do you feel that scaring is the last thing you want to do, but you can see the look in your patients eyes that they JUST DON’T GET IT?

I discovered a totally unique way of interacting with my patients that dramatically transformed the conversation. Regardless if you are a DC, ND, DO, LAc, use nutrition, detox programs etc. This program and process will work for you! I went from feeling like I was dragging them along to where I needed them to be and suddenly felt like we were walking down the path together side by side because we were on the same page about what was going on. I want to share that with you.

I want you to utilize my TTAT brochures and posters in your practice. You’ll discover how my Touch, Tell, Ask, & Teach methodology transfers the power of the conversation back into your hands so that your patient listens, engages, and starts to trust you. From there, you’ll find that they are more willing to listen to what you offer and are ready to commit to taking their life back – with YOUR help!

I’m including EVERYTHING you need to implement these right away including the extremely detailed instructional video that walks you through the ENTIRE process of how to implement this critical program so that there is ZERO opportunity for you to not find the most success.

Grab this powerful practice success toolkit and start earning more business with your very next patient!

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