Whether you are closed or just slower than usual, this quarantine is the perfect time to sharpen your skills and prepare for how your business is going to thrive as things improve. So many of us are getting a real gut check because we thought our patients understood that our care is a vital part of their optimal health. But if that’s not actually happening, then you need to join us right now. We developed this program for THIS time and THIS type of situation.

Master Patient Communications

Together, we’ll uncover the art of building instant credibility and authority so that your patients stay, pay, and refer – for a LIFETIME. Our comprehensive program gives you the resources, guidance, and community that you need to rapidly and realistically improve your practice in an incredibly short period of time. If you want to help your patients get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, then you want to learn how to communicate in an optimal health model.

You’re protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! If you decide our program isn’t the best option to help you make big changes in your practice, send us an email and we’ll refund your order!

Here is everything included in our membership:

Actionable Training

All of our training materials are designed to be put to work very quickly. Learn vital new skills and use them in your practice right away!

Functional Resources

Each training module includes digital and printable materials that you can easily personalize and use in your own office immediately!

Live Coaching

Our Half Hour to Power calls are a great way to get your questions answered with powerful insight from our coaching team!

Dynamic Community

You’ll have access to our private Facebook group of doctors who are working towards the same goals that you have. Talk shop, get inspiration, and keep working towards success!

Direct Email Support

Don’t ever feel lost or stuck. Take advantage of our direct email support and get your questions answered quickly. Write us with what’s bothering you and we’ll be there!

Access to Updates

We tweak and modify our program based on the success of our subscribers. When we find something new and exciting, you’ll have access right away!

Our Comprehensive Communication Topics

Every training module has been updated and optimized to be the most powerful doctor’s training available in 2020. Here is what you get instant access to when you join:

$149/month for all courses!

Communications Orientation

You will NOT want to skip this vital introduction; it is power packed! We will set the stage for the WHY behind the HOW for our methods. We will begin to understand how we ask a series of questions to help our patients truly get what we do so they want what we offer. We will dive DEEP into the Neuroscience of Communications!

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$149/month for all courses!


Having a CA available to do a Pre-Consultation can save the doctor a ton of time, help the patient feel heard, improve the overall experience, and begin to shift the patient's consciousness through specific Socratic questions. I'll show you how to teach your team these pivotal steps. If you don't have a CA to do this, skip this step and head to the Doctor's Consultation.

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$149/month for all courses!

Doctor’s Consultation

What if I told you that the doctor's consultation is ABSOLUTELY the point when most potential patients make up their mind to never come back? It's the truth. This time with your patients one-on-one is pivotal, yet so many doctors get it wrong. I want to show you my simple method for connecting the dots and turning this time into a priceless opportunity to win patients for life.

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$149/month for all courses!

Doctor’s Exam

Regardless of your technique or specialization, there are some incredibly important things that need to happen during your doctor's exam. I help you get incredibly clear on what those things are and then model those behaviors so that you can get started and improving with your very next exam. Get to the root of what's important and then build your case upon it.

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$149/month for all courses!

ROF Part 1

Your Report of Findings is vital because it represents a decision for your new patients. I broke it out into three unique training modules so that we can nail it, together. If you're tired of hearing patients "need to go home and think about it", then you're going to be ready to jump into my three part ROF series.

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$149/month for all courses!

ROF Part 2

You'll discover the top tricks and tips I've used in my practice and in my private coaching clients' practices to turn this moment into something exciting that has patients chomping at the bit to move forward WITH you.

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$149/month for all courses!

ROF Part 3

We'll go into great detail about how to prepare and present care plans to patients. We look at recommendations that can go beyond hands-on care. We talk through objections. We end by looking at making recommendations in real-time!

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$149/month for all courses!

Daily Interactions

Once someone becomes a patient, your job isn't quite over! Your patients have many options; you can't count on them coming to see you for care for the rest of their life unless you build a relationship and continue to strengthen it. I'll show you easy activities and conversations that will make your daily interactions so much better.

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$149/month for all courses!

Reeval Rereport

Reevaluation and rereport time can be immensely stressful for many doctors because it can feel like a tense sales meeting. There's no reason you have to feel like this! We'll break down simple and stress-free methods for making this an exciting time that reaffirms patient commitments and opens the door for new referrals from them, too!

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$149/month for all courses!

Difficult Questions

What happens when someone can't afford care for a while? What about when they're feeling "better"? These are only two of the many difficult questions that you deal with. When you don't know how to address them effectively, you lose patients. There are some great things you can do to make sure that you're ready for them and in a better position to continue the relationship with your patient. Get to what matters and you'll find that difficult questions are no longer that tough!

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There’s plenty more included in this value-packed program. When you join our team of passionate doctors, you’ll get:

  • Instant Online Access: The moment you join, you’ll have unbridled access to all of the Communications Mastery content, resources, and videos so that you can operate at YOUR pace! Just like Netflix, you can browse and play anything in our Communications library from the moment you get started. You have 100% access to everything (including all new materials!) for as long as you remain a subscriber.
  • Ready-to-Use Printable Materials: Skip the costs of a graphic artist and use the materials we provide in YOUR office. Print them out and put them to work the same day!
  • Exercises for You AND Your Team: This is a group effort so we have included materials that your staff can work through as you transform your practice.
  • Private Peer-to-Peer Facebook Community: Once you join, we will bring you into our private community where we talk about real issues, real situations, and real successes in the practices of our members. You’ll find lots of great value here and meet others who are trying to achieve goals similar to your own.
  • Direct Email Support: You can keep me in your back pocket thanks to direct email support that we include for every member. When you are feeling stuck or need support, send me an email and I’ll get right back to you with clear direction and the information you need to succeed.
  • Live Half Hour to Power Calls & Recordings: When we all get on the phone together, we do AMAZING things! Our monthly calls are energizing opportunities to ask questions, look for peer support, and continue to excel. Oh, we don’t trash these, either – they’re ALL in the archive (with descriptions) and ready for you to listen to, no matter when you join!

You’re protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! If you decide our program isn’t the best option to help you make big changes in your practice, send us an email and we’ll refund your order!

See Real Results with Our Professional Training

Our program has been developed, revised, and continually improved. The version you see today is battle-tested through the experience of hundreds of optimal health doctors across the globe!

Hone Your Communication Skills

There’s nothing more important than discovering the right way to build credibility and loyalty from your very first encounter with a new patient.

Learn It and Live It with Rapid Implementation

We know how busy you are. This program is designed to give you the most powerful information without requiring weeks or months of practice. Discover new skills and put them to work!

Tested With More Than 20 Years and Hundreds of Doctors

This isn’t some out-of-date, dusty workbook for you to stick on a shelf. We use the real-world experience of our Optimal Health doctors to ensure that every minute of our training is as powerful as possible.

Dr. Russ Rosen, Founder of Optimal Health Coaching

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You’re protected by our 30 day money back guarantee! If you decide our program isn’t the best option to help you make big changes in your practice, send us an email and we’ll refund your order!

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