Master Patient Communications

Together, we’ll uncover the art of building instant credibility and authority so that your patients stay, pay, and refer – for a LIFETIME. Our comprehensive program gives you the resources, guidance, and community that you need to rapidly and realistically improve your practice in an incredibly short period of time. If you want to help your patients get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, then you want to learn how to communicate in an optimal health model.

Here is everything included in our membership:

Actionable Training

All of our training materials are designed to be put to work very quickly. Learn vital new skills and use them in your practice right away!

Functional Resources

Each training module includes digital and printable materials that you can easily personalize and use in your own office immediately!

Live Coaching

Our Half Hour to Power calls are a great way to get your questions answered with powerful insight from our coaching team!

Dynamic Community

You’ll have access to our private Facebook group of doctors who are working towards the same goals that you have. Talk shop, get inspiration, and keep working towards success!

Direct Email Support

Don’t ever feel lost or stuck. Take advantage of our direct email support and get your questions answered quickly. Write us with what’s bothering you and we’ll be there!

Access to Updates

We tweak and modify our program based on the success of our subscribers. When we find something new and exciting, you’ll have access right away!

See Real Results with Our Professional Training

Our program has been developed, revised, and continually improved. The version you see today is battle-tested through the experience of hundreds of optimal health doctors across the globe!

Hone Your Communication Skills

There’s nothing more important than discovering the right way to build credibility and loyalty from your very first encounter with a new patient.

Learn It and Live It with Rapid Implementation

We know how busy you are. This program is designed to give you the most powerful information without requiring weeks or months of practice. Discover new skills and put them to work!

Tested With More Than 20 Years and Hundreds of Doctors

This isn’t some out-of-date, dusty workbook for you to stick on a shelf. We use the real-world experience of our Optimal Health doctors to ensure that every minute of our training is as powerful as possible.

Dr. Russ Rosen, Founder of Optimal Health Coaching

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