Importance of Certainty Program


This course will teach you:

  1. What the Top Practices in the Nation have in common.
  2. Dr. Rosen’s “Formula for Certainty” vs. “Fake it ’til you make it.”
  3. How to define Who you are as a doctor, What you offer, What you would like to deliver, What you are certain you do deliver, How to monitor what you deliver, How to communicate what you deliver, How to clarify your mission, and What to include in your Vision and Persona statements.
  4. How to change from the inside out to Attract the Practice of Your Dreams!

This Course comes complete with a Workbook giving you absolutely everything you need to attract the practice of your dreams, along with an audio MP3 of a Tele-class I teach.

This course will result in a major paradigm shift that changes your life and your practice!

Are you tired of…

  • Feeling anxious when you meet with new patients or when you’re doing ROF’s or Health Talks?
  • Feeling burned out all the time?
  • Feeling like you’re a fake?

Would you like to…

  • Feel that you are 100% congruent both with what you do and what you don’t do?
  • Clarify who you are and who you are not?
  • Be able to speak your truth from a place of power?

Then it is time for you to learn “The Importance of Certainty”

Here’s a peek at what is included:

This 75 minute course includes workbooks, audio, and transcripts so you don’t ever have to take notes.

  • You’ll be able to once and for all clarify who you are and who you are NOT so you can lay the foundations for long term financial, emotional and practice success.
  • This brilliant system will allow you to feel 100% congruent with what you do and what you do NOT do.
  • Discover how to communicate what you do from a place of power.
  • I’ll reveal the basis to effortless and confidently communicate with patients in any situation.

BONUS! Dive Deep Into Subluxation – In this hyper-focused training, we ensure that we as doctors really understand:

  • what a subluxation is
  • how we measure subluxation
  • what an adjustment is
  • how we know if the adjustment worked or not

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